15 Random Facts About Me

Hey guys. How’s your February going?

Are you feeling the after effects of Valentine yet?

Realizing that the money

you used to buy recharge card for that your girlfriend/boyfriend, you should have used for breakfast this morning?

Eyaa, Anyways…

This is my first post and I’m extra extra excited, you too, right? Right? Smile na, or at least show your teeth small.
So, I’m just gonna share some stuff that maybe you know, don’t know or never would have guessed about me.
So listen up to the top 15 facts about me…can you guess some already?

1. I’m a crazy music lover. I have definitely listened all the different genres. Rock, pop, R&B, Hip hop, rap Im serious even jazz…Yanni anyone?

2.I adoreee children especially babies. I mean who doesn’t. They are too cute for words and even they ask the silliest things too. Seriously if I had 100 naira for each of the babies I have carried in my 15 years on earth, I’ll be so rich right now.

3.I read books a lot. Now I’m not talking about the school book or textbook kind of book, no please, I’m talking novels, even if its a 500+ page novel and its interesting ;and suitable (mostly christian novels tho) I’ll read it.

4.I am a shy person until I finally get comfortable with you then it’s a whole different matter.

5. I google a lot. Chai, its a terrible habit even while I’m watching movies, I want to google the whole plot before it ends. That’s why my mobile data finishes quickly.

6. Im very dynamic. I learn to do a lot of stuff quickly so I get tired of them easily. This week I’m practicing makeup, the next week its hair making and the next one it changes. It’s annoying eh.

7.I love poetry. I express myself that way. Check out my Insta page here for some of my poems.

8.I change my phone wallpaper(or any gadget i have) a lot, almost like everyday.

9. I love encouraging people. Its a passion. So I am always happy when people ask me for advice. Feel free to.

10.Jesus is top priority. Anyone who knows me(or follows me) should already  know this.

11. I love natural hair. Its cool. Im trying to grow mine out.

12. Me and AC (Air conditioner) are best friends. If you don’t like AC we cant stay in the same room. Im Sorry.

13. My favorite scripture is Romans 8:28. I reassures everytime im anxious and discouraged.

14.I laugh a lot. LOL is my favorite abbreviation. Ha Ha.

15. I am partly vegetarian. I say partly because I eat eggs, fish and… Kilishi (Its bae) which is beef but i dont eat meat, chicken, kidney, liver, cow, whatever other animal people like to eat. Eeww.

So there, its out.
Please comment, I’d love to know you guys too, the facts you can relate to and anything else.
Dont forget to suscribe.
Much Love.


27 thoughts on “15 Random Facts About Me

  1. Lol.
    Loved reading it.
    You are soo much like me.
    Except for the vegetarian part.(a little tho).
    I’m really enjoying ure blog.
    Keep it up,u have a talent.
    What um I saying……
    U have lots if talents.
    God is with you girl,right by your side.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, you’re the best gurl.
      Ur A girl right, cause I remember the name from instagram. R u the same person?
      Anyway love. Thanks so much 4 commenting. Be sure to follow for updates, like and comment also. 😙😙


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