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Face Scrub DIY – Tomato and Brown Sugar

Hey y’all!

So I had this crazy annoying break-out at 13 and since then I’ve had a ton of recommendations for my acne/pimples.

Some I did.

Some I didn’t even wanna think of.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of

supposedly ‘natural‘ treatments out there (even a urine treatment *eek*).

But lately, I’ve settled down to my top 3 which are definitely the best for my skin.

I love the tomato and brown sugar combination as a face scrub and exfoliant because it…

  • Cleanses the skin (sugar is great for that).
  • Gives a healthy glow.
  • Removes dead skin and unclogs pores.


  • Get an extra strong and fresh tomato.

  • Slice a little part of the tomato.

  • Sprinkle a little brown sugar on the surface of the tomato.

  • Use it to scrub your face.

  • Leave it on for 5 -10 minutes.

  • Rinse off with cold water and VIOLA!

This facial scrub is great for guys and girls alike.

Try it out and comment results.

What’s your best facial scrub or exfoliant?


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