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When We Lost Contact…

I looked for you

I couldn’t find you

I kept on searching

Hoping for things to alter

But It didn’t change

You were only present in a sea of my thoughts

You existed in my past

You didn’t outlast

Or live long inside

I stopped for a second

Trying to relocate you to my present

To bring you back

I tried to remember

When we last saw

Then I realized

It was

When we lost contact…

Poetry Inspiration

The time I skipped doing my Quiet time for quite a long time. It led me to a fog. I couldn’t find peace, as much as I was happy sometimes, I was still looking for something else, in need, until I found Him again. 

Losing contact with God is not like losing contact with friends. It’s different.

When we lose contact with friends we have that inside reassurance (no matter how bad we may feel at that moment) that we can always find another one in the future.

If we lose contact with God, we miss out on having the full experience of the life he created.

Get in contact with Him.

Let Him lead you.

How does it feel to lose contact with a close friend?   


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