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The Virtuous Woman

Happy New Month!!!

I’m so grateful to God for the opportunity to see this month of March and I know He’s got great plans for me!(moonwalking across my room as I almost trip up on a book I left on the floor *books are always everywhere here*)😂

This is my first post in the Woman in Me Category,

for all the awesome girls, ladies, women and even guys (for the women in their lives) out there.


So quickly, today, it’s all about the virtuous woman. I know, I know, you’ve heard this phrase a lot but It’s definitely worth thinking about.

Virtues ~Behaviors that portray high moral standard.

In simple terms, the commitment to doing the right thing.

Some people might not actually like virtue because most people just want to do things on impulses and so it can be like restricting for them.
But I’m a person who loves to look at pros and cons.

If something has more pros it definitely has to be better, right?

Someone I know said this  –

“The beauty of your life is the number of values and virtues you have”

Pros of Being Virtuous
•You become more happy.
•You will be trust worthy.
•You will be a person of excellence.
•You will attract the right people to you.
•You will carry God’s beauty.
•You will have fulfilling relationships especially with God
•You will be favorable in the sight of people.
•You will be successful.
•*Umm I think I’m out😆, if you know anymore please add them in the comments.*

So in Psalm 112 (Go read it) I found out there are like a ton of blessings (more pros!) of being virtuous and obeying God’s Word.

Cons of Being Virtuous
I only know one, which is a pro to be honest.
•It stops us from living our life without any rules or restrictions *like we sometimes want to, I mean who doesnt want to just do whatever (sounds like the lyrics from a song tho)* but the truth is that, living our lives that way will only lead to destruction, chaos and death.

So make a choice today, lead a life that pleases God and makes you worth more than money or rubies(Prov 31:10) or just live like want to.

But remember as a woman, you are a great person of influence, as a sister, friend, wife, girlfriend, mother, grandmother whatever you might be.

Thanks for reading this.
You are so awesome!

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Comment more pros and cons *if you’ve got any* or simply just contribute and encourage other readers.

Much Love. 😙


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