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4 Ways To Enjoy True Womanhood

Currently Painting – My toenails. Blue. Sky blue to be precise.

Pink for Womanhood!

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

How’s your March so far?

I’ve extra excited to do this blog post

since I heard about this International Women’s Day thing. I don’t know why.

But I have been hearing a lot about women you know, with the Women’s History Month stuff which I didnt even know existed until 7 days ago. And I’m happy we have a month to celebrate all those wonderful women around the world who brought change for women’s rights and stuff.

We, women, are actually really extraordinary beings. Our existence alone is a mere blessing. Because we have the extraordinary ability to be so much – mothers, sisters, role models, leaders, wives, friends etc. Sometimes we even have to be all these things at once.

So, quickly I’ll share 4 ways that we can truly enjoy the fact that we are women ie. our womanhood.


Love should be evident in our lives, in the way we treat people and relate to them. They should be able see that Love factor.  It should come naturally because it makes you wise, bold without being rude, kind and respected.

Invest in your inner looks as much as your outer. Develop your skills as a woman, learn new things, love unconditionally, respect authority and SMILE! The sooner we realize beauty is not all about our looks, the better our lives will be. A good heart has a longer impression on people.


Strength is not all about your ability to carry out hard tasks or juggle weights. Our strength is greater than that. It’s all in our confidence, boldness, our ability to speak the truth with grace, being able to encourage those around us, being intercessors, prayerful. Our strength is not limited because we get the One who is unlimited.


This is the most important. Acknowledging God Almighty in all that we do everyday brings growth. Not just growth spiritually but all round growth. God who created the earth knows how to live in it more than we do. We might feel comfortable without Him being an everyday factor but we are the only ones losing out. Completely losing out on living the best life ever while we are here on earth.

I follow Stephanie Obi on her email list here and she sends the best summaries of her day that I definitely want to tell her *if I get to meet her one day* to become a full-time lifestyle blogger.

But anyway, on today’s email she sent out about the conference she went to, she had this to say about boldness,

When we truly become passionate about achieving a dream, we become bold.The bigger your dream, the bigger your boldness.Small dreamers feel that they are comfortable with what they have achieved.

They never stretch themselves. They never leave their comfort zone, they run away from people like me who will push them to take action.
Big dreamers feel that they can do more and they take up every opportunity they have to do more.

You don’t have to motivate them, they are self motivated. They might just be confused about clarity and the technical know how, and they invest in themselves and their businesses because they know that where they are going…is far.

And really just had to share because I loved it.

So make sure to enjoy yourself today , celebrate women who have inspired and blessed your life.

PS: Please choose #WCW wisely at least today. Let it be someone who is not just beautiful but brave, strong and loving.

My #WCW is definitely my dear mama who has taught me so much and been the best role model for me. Without her very insistent pushing, there definitely be a lot I wouldn’t have.

Shoutout to You Mum, I love You💗.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love😙.


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