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Product Review || To Ri Ara Lip Balm × Raw Sugar Body Scrub 

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Hello there!

Gosh, to me it seems like ages since I did a blog post even though it has just been like a week or two.

I totally missed you guys…

I was out of it for quite sometime because I was too lazy to think of anything to write about and I secretly wanted to maybe escape till like next month or so. But I killed that thought immediately.

So I decided to ease back in with a simple review on two beauty products I just got.

Actually, I was gifted these products by a very lovely woman I know.

It has been total bliss using these products especially the body scrub.

The body scrub I found out on the website has different types and scents. But I’m totally in love with the one I have which is the Coconut Vanilla.

I’m a killer for sweet scents.

I love how they used completely natural ingredients like Virgin Coconut oil, Almond oil, Vanilla extracts etc.

The Raw Cane Sugar is the main thing ie.the exfoliant.

It leaves the skin soft and glowing. 

While the Lip balm, is also pretty good at protecting my lips because I have really dry lips.

It has this strong smell of Ginger which is expected since it’s the Vanilla & Ginger type, I don’t really mind it but my mother hates it ’cause it is quite organic-ish and rustic.

The unrefined butters and pure moisturizing oils provide long lasting moisture.

So there’s my little review on those products.

I think they are great products for all round skin health that you guys should try out.

Until next time lovely people.

PS – If you have used any To Ri Ara product, be sure to comment the info below.

Much Love.😊


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