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5 things to do and not do when you are talking about yourself

What do you do or say when you have talk about yourself?

A lot of times when we are asked to describe ourselves and we go ‘ummm’, ‘erhh’, ‘you know’ like we have been asked the hardest question on earth.

How we talk about ourslves matters, it makes people want to either know you better or just shy away from you.

So here are some great tips if you desire a positive response…

​1. Do not sell yourself short.

I see people do this a lot when they are talking about themselves. They say stuff like “people say I sing well but I’m not so sure”.See if you can’t sing, you can’t sing simple.

Be sure of yourself. If singing is your passion, listen to yourself, ask for opinions and then come to a concrete conclusion.
Don’t limit yourself with your words.

2. Emphasize on your strengths.
Don’t ever think what you are good at is inferior. Believe that you can do the extraordinary.
Don’t ever listen to people who want to just put you down. I mean you don’t have to rub it in everyone’s face that you’ve got that talent but at least be proud of it.

Get to know your strengths, build on them, grow them.
Don’t just concentrate on all your weaknesses even though its a part of you that you shouldn’t be afraid of… which brings me to number 3.

3. Don’t be afraid to talk about your weaknesses.
Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. We are not good at every single thing. 

I’m not so good at drawing but whenever I have to, I try my hardest for it not to look like a baby’s scribbling or chicken scratch.
Embrace your weaknesses but don’t write yourself off still try your hardest when you’ve got to.

4. Communicate
Not just by speaking only, also make eye contact, gestures. We can tell a lot about our personality just by our body language. Don’t be stiff and uptight, you are talking about somebody awesome…YOU!

Make yourself and your audience happy by smiling. You can show your enthusiasm and confidence that way.
If it’s not a formal setting or interview, don’t be afraid to laugh out loud too about some stuff.
Be free and comfortable.

~Extra tip ~ 

Write down a short introduction of yourself and practice it. Make it your signature. So you don’t have stumble every time.

Outfit details ∆

×Dress- Thrifted (truth is I couldn’t even find the label)

×Shoes – AMG

Until next time…
Much Love.💓


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