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March Life Updates

It’s a New Month!! Dance, dance, dance! I’m so happy because I’m expecting a lot of surprises this month. A wedding is coming up soon I definitely want to blog about what I wear and all that. 

Last month was great too. I got a lot of new ideas and plans popping up in my head.

So currently I’m…

Wearing – A lot of short sleeved and off-the-shoulder tops. Long-sleeved tops are out of it because this weather is on another level of hot. 

Also my large hoop earrings too (essential for rocking a TWA).

Listening to – more of Hollyn and Mali Music especially Hollyn’s new album (One Way Conversations)

Reading – In dependence by Sarah Ladipo Manyika . My friend who is writing Jamb this year lent it to me, I heard its the book they are focusing on this year. If you’ve read, what do you think about it?

Working on – My plans and goals for the future. #thefuturestartsnow

Watching – Do Good, that show is like silliest Nigerian show ever. If you want to laugh, and laugh hard, check it out.

Needing – More stuff to improve my natural hair game, trust me, this hair must be tired of me.

Loving – My Small Afro. Although I’m a total lazy natural and I, 90% of the time, don’t know what to do with it I still love it.

– Chocolate, ice cream, cake, and all the other sweet things I needed to cut my intake on.
But there’s another side of me also craving spicy stuff like some Ghanaian foods.

Happy About – The large amount of bloggers especially nigerian young adults (ladies are ruling more sha) that are everywhere. My feed, following, followers, we are too much.😁

Planning – The expansion of my blog when I move. My own domain (for sure by God’s grace!), maybe a new name and all that. Thoughts?

Waiting to – Start doing giveaways and work with new and upcoming brands too if i can.

Praying for – My mum and her business deals. She’s got a lot.

So Yeah I’m done!

I’m also very open to suggestions from you guys. So Comment, comment!

Word For Today – Seasons will come and they would also go. No season is truly permanent. Love every single season that comes because soon you will only have the memories to remind you it ever happened.

Much Love!💓


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