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April Life Updates

Forgive me, people…

Please forgive me, if I could smack myself I would…

But I know you won’t want me to.

There was a trip then a project then another project then even more stuff but you know I thought about this whole scene here…and finally I’m here for a Life Update!

So firstly, Happy Happy New Month to all my wonderful readers, followers, all those who support me, make me happy with their comments and likes etc.

Just know I love you to the end of the world and back!😄

Soo let’s cut to the chase and catch with my life so far… 😎😌

I’m Currently

Eating – Stew fried in red oil (yes, not the usual groundnut oil) You haven’t tried it?? You better. It’s so damn great, trust me. Really.. It is.

Listening to – The sizzling of my skin in this HEAT! Ugh! Seriously it’s too too hot. I can’t deal with this!

Loving – My New and Thrifted Everywhere Bag. The cutest thing! Whoever made this has an eye for stylish comfort, the design is great.

Happy About – My Cousin’s Wedding that happened last month. God grant them the best marriage. Details of what I wore coming up soon…😋

Watching – Cartoons (Animations if I must say😂 Same thing) Moana, Trolls, Ballerina… All those silly cute movies that came out recently that I didn’t to go out and watch. Watched any? 

I just loved the songs from Trolls.

Craving – Umm nothing really…oh who I am kidding? Sweet stuff – chocolate, ice cream, candy floss, what am I not ever craving? Lord I will not be fat!

Reading – Two great books by my two of my best Christian Fiction authors. The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury and The Note by Angela Hunt.

Friends who borrow you Christian fiction are Friends forever! 😂 No seriously they are.

Working on –  A movie… Actually I’m just acting in it (a minor role) but who cares! It’s a great opportunity to improve my partly antisocial behavior. Like I really I’m almost antisocial. Am I?

Needing – Inspiration, motivation whatever you call it for some projects. I need it…urgently.

Waiting for – Change. Like everywhere and in everything TOTALLY!

Praying for – New Doors like God keeps opening them everywhere. I really need His grace to walk through them with His will for them intact.

Thanks so much for reading that update (more like rant) but its great to be back at blogging.

See y’all in the next post!!

Love you!💞


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