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New Experiences

Experience – An activity which one has performed or events of which one is cognizant.

This post has been long due.

After my visit to my hometown in Imo State, I realized the amount of knowledge and experience we gain on daily basis.
You know sometimes we complain about how much we are not getting and compared the other things we are getting they actually come up as nothing.

So if things don’t turn out exactly how you want to be learn that there is a reason. And trust me you might be too blinded by your emotions to see it now but you will realize it later on.

Moving on

I had my first acting experience last week and let me just tell you it was one word…. thrilling!
You know how you have a single perspective on something but when go backstage or maybe experience it for yourself, you start to understand the whys‘ and whats‘ completely.
One day I sat down with one of my other fellow actor and was like WOW! I was so surprised that this was what it took to get a movie on screen.

When I sat on my couch in my living room at home and critizied every single person on my screen, their mistakes and errors, I never really knew what I took to be at the receiving end.

I loved the experience.
It’s something I yearn to enjoy in future times to come regardless of it is in my plans or not.

I met new people. Talked with them. Learnt from them. There was laughter, fun, tiredness, stress… but we took it all as a team both cast and crew.

So anticipate seeing lovely me in a movie soon.
I’ll be sure to pass on the details as soon as it’s out.

question…My lovely readers, I would love to know. Is there any more content you would like to see more of on my blog then take a moment to comment it down below. It would really help. Thanks for your support!

Word of Wisdom – 

Take a moment each day to think the different things that happened in your day that you didn’t plan. Thank God for them whether it was good or bad. Why? Because He’s got something bigger and better planned for you.
So Get Ready.

Much Love 💞


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