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How To || Create a Quiet Time Location

Currently Listening to Nelly Furtado – I’m Like A Bird

For some time when I was really young, I became quite a fan of old music like ABBA, Madonna (Mamma Mia?) and the rest. That’s when I found out about Nelly Furtado, she has this really chill vibes to her music.

And my cousin got me remembering when she played a CD of her greatest hits in her car last week, so I downloaded it and have been listening to it since then.

But today I got an idea to do “How to” post on something I wanted to do a long time ago.

Totally “War Room” inspired because I watched it for the maybe 4th time a few days ago and it came to mind.

A Quiet Time Location is almost like a “War Room” but not necessarily a room, it can be a space, corner, anything as long as it’s more like dedicated to having your personal time with God.

So what do you do to make that happen?

•Find A Location

Like I said before it could be anywhere. I literally just found a corner in my room that was free and spacious enough. Whatever works for you. Your balcony area, corridor, bathroom, walk-in closet (if y’all so blessed to have one) anything.

P.S– Be mindful of large windows or distracting places so you don’t spend the whole time staring out of it.

•Clear-Up/ Rearrange

Move stuff out of the way if you need to. Make enough space for yourself and maybe a small stool/table/chair to put your stuff or sit on.

Move away things that might distract you so you can focus on your alone time.

•Mark your territory

Now here’s the fun part if you love decorating… marking your territory.

I have a whole lot of sticky notes so I use them to write bible verses, prayers, reminders on who to pray for etc. You can also get pictures or quotes you love and that are encouraging then paste them around your location.

•Place Your Resources

Getting resources that improve your Quiet time are important and necessary for spiritual growth. 

Some basic resources needed include –

× A Bible (Study Bibles are great for meditation and better understanding of God’s Word)


×Devotional Book(s)



×Sticky Notes *Optional (I just love to have those around)

and so much more…

These resources can make personal time with God enjoyable, fun and sometimes more fruitful.


You’ve made a place for a time out with God, thank God for that, he had more work making that happen than you did. 

So there you have it, if you loved the sound of having a personal space for you and just God. Follow those few steps above and I’m sure you’ll be celebrating your own QTL soon.

The QTL in the pictures was done definitely by Yours Truly. So if you have some questions or suggestions, be sure to comment below.

Thanks for reading till the end!

Word of Wisdom –

There is absolutely no room for both you and God on the throne of your heart. Stop trying to control your life and decisions like you are in charge.

Give it to God instead.

Much Love💞


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