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Here’s what I’ve got to say…

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Hello lovely people!
Hope are you preparing for the start of a new month?
This blog post is going to be simple and straight to the point because I have a lot to say which I will be breaking down into three…

×This Blog (The Purple Grace) is a Lifestyle blog meaning it was created mainly to reflect the different elements involved in the blogger’s life (me!).
So these elements are simply categorized into
~Style – What I wear, fashion tips I pick up and learn etc.
~Writings – Poetry and My Musings on random stuff.
~Inspiration – For Living the Christian life, For Girls/Women, For Everyday survival…what keeps me going.
~General Stuff – Life UpdatesReviewsDIY/How to‘s.

PS: Read my 
ABOUT page.
Right now I am creating a permanent blog posts schedule which will be up on the blog soon.

× A short letter for my Silent readers.

Dear silent readers,
You leave me here waiting for you,
You like your thoughts better in your head,
You would rather not be noticed,
But I want the opposite.
I put before you a string of words because I want an answer,
I’m still waiting,
Like a groom unable to come to terms that his bride is gone,
I’m here,
Waiting for your response.

Comments please!!😩

×And Lastly,

I am inviting all my lovely bloggers/readers located in Lagos, Nigeria to The Invasion 2017. Happening at the Tafawa Balewa Square on the 3rd of June! It’s going to be great! 

You can check out their website or visit their IG page for more Info. 

PS- There’s probably a free bus to take you there close by.😏

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•I write Poems. Check out my Favorite One.

•See how I look in Orange then Black.

Thanks for reading this!
Much love💞.


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