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The Versatile Blogger Award × New Blog Schedule

Happy New Month, beautiful people! Before anything let’s just reminisce on how the first half of the year went for us. It wasn’t easy seriously😥. Thank God for grace.
I have been blogging on here for quite a while and I’m so happy to announce that I just got nominated for an award – The Versatile Blogger Award by a blogger whose blog I highly admire and enjoy The Curly Christian Girl. Thanks girl for nominating me!

Be sure to check her blog out. So I checked out the award details and found out that… A Versatile Blogger Award can be awarded to a blogger by another blogger based on the quality of their writing, uniqueness of subjects covered, passion in their words, quality of the photos used and layout of the blog.

No one knows how excited I got when I found this out but it’s definitely making me more encouraged to keep blogging.😏

Rules of the award: 

  • Write a word of thanks to the blogger who tagged you and leave links to their blog.
  • Share 7 fun facts about you.
  • Choose at least 15 bloggers who deserve your word of encouragement and nominate them.

Here are the fun facts – 

1. I still love pink. I know I probably should have outgrown the whole pink love but really it’s a great colour. So I still paint my nails pink and wear a lot too. Remember this post? Pink for life!

2. I save pages and articles to read for fun. Like if you check my saved pages on my Internet app, you’ll probably see more that 200 webpages saved. No kidding. It comes from my love for reading, which reminds me…

3. I love books. I won’t dwell on this too long. My friends are literally tired of hearing me say this. My book borrowers know me well.😂

4. I love giving advice but some times I think people don’t ask me all the time because I end up talking for too long.😂

5. Sometimes I hoard stuff. Not necessarily because I’m a collector but sometimes it’s just because I’m too lazy to throw it out.

6. I can hula hoop for a really long time. I can hula hoop while typing on my phone. Its a skill jare!

7. I’m the artsy kind of person who has sticky notes of quotes, bible verses and stuff around my room. I can also stick a simple cloth label on my wall if it looks colorful and nice.

Here are my nominees for this award! 

× Diaryofanineteenyearold

× Pribodunke

× Ramblings and Snaps

× Nextdoorchic

× Okoto Enigma

× Styledcolorfully

I read their posts all the time when I come on here and they teach me a lot. Make me smile and even encourage me. Keep on writing guys.


Inspiration – Three times a month

Writings – Twice a month

Style – Once a month

General Stuff – Twice a month

P.S –

∆For more info, check this Post.

Much Love💞


One thought on “The Versatile Blogger Award × New Blog Schedule

  1. Awww! I love pink too, and I am also a hoarder ( but not because I’m too lazy to throw things out..haha! It’s because I find it hard to let go of things that I am attached to). Congratulations and thank you so much for the nomination. I appreciate it! 🙂

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