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Realizing how Imperfect We all are

Currently Listening to – The Good,The Bad, The Ugly by Lecrae.

Hey all my beautiful people. Handsome too. Thanks to all of you guys who take time out to read my posts.
I’m on another Inspiration post totally inspired by a couple of songs and a short rant by me on my Whatsapp story.

Ha! Nobody wants to talk about this.
We just love to put up a front of perfection on our social media, around our friends, filtering away all our flaws and trying to show people what they like to see. 

The good stuff.
So what happens to all the other stuff, the bad stuff, they no longer exist, we cover it up with a white paper like it’s not there…but it is.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should go broadcast all the things you are struggling with or the things done wrong on live television.
What I’m saying we shouldn’t hide it and pretend like it isn’t there, confess it to the One who knows how to set you free from the worries it brings.

It’s like a quote that talks about leaving your problems and coming back to them bigger than before. Confess it immediately release yourself from its clutches.

Sometimes we Christians try to deceive others showing them the great benefits, the incentives, we don’t tell them their problems won’t disappear like magic, they will still want to sin, that we sometimes still fall hard on our butts we practically leave an imprint on the floor. And that through it all God will still be there, waiting for us to pick ourselves up and continue walking with Him.

We don’t…we deceive them with our pretentious lives.
But God is not deceived, He sees everything.
He will test our hearts (Prov. 17:3) in the end not our perfect Christian-like Instagram account, or perfect church attendance but our HEARTS.

So what if our quiet time devotions are not as perfect as the flatlays of bible, journals and highlighters we post?
What if we are sometimes too lazy to open our bibles?
What if we are sometimes insecure and don’t trust God?

As long we are open to growth and correction. Ready to confess our sins. Ready to commit more time to mature spiritually.
God will support and be with us through it all.

Any one else ready to accept their imperfections and grow past them?

Much Love💓

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12 thoughts on “Realizing how Imperfect We all are

  1. Thanks for sharing this truth. I especially love the part about people being made to believe that their problems will disappear like magic. We are such imperfect beings before a perfect God, who is even compassionate enough to change us into his image. To reflect his glory. But there journey is never easy and thinking otherwise or of oneself as perfect, will never get them there. Thanks for the reminder ❤😊

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  2. Thanks for this… We all need to be reminded sometimes about things like this because most times we all want to feel among then we push away imperfections and come back to it again… More grace to your works

    Liked by 1 person

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