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What are you wearing?

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I have been off. I know. But for a good cause and finally I’m able to put this out.

I have definitely been blessed immensely through different means this past 2 weeks and I have to say a lot of thanks to God who made that possible.

I had #OneHourPraiseChallenge filling me up since the start of this month and it has been the best experience.

I may not be able to give details in full but if you check this post by the Curly Christian Girl. I’m sure you’ll get all the info you need.

You know sometimes we get too occupied or rather ‘distracted‘ as humans that we become totally legalistic with our Christianity.

It is no longer a relationship that we are growing in but simply a put down set of rules or regulations that if we don’t follow we are automatically sent to hell.

Its upsetting the number of arguments we Christians have allowed ourselves to get in.

Christians can’t wear makeup. Christians can wear makeup. Christians can put on trousers. Christians shouldn’t put on jewelry and so much more.

The devil has got us so distracted from the main message of love Christ brought, that he has succeeded in generating conflicts and differences in the house of God.

I have seen people go on and condemn people just because they put on trousers or makeup and go on or insult them  just because of it.

And I think how is that helping?

It is all about the convictions of the Holy Spirit in your heart.

That person may or may not be mature in Christ but you can’t tell just from their outfit.

I mean, sometimes we can, when we see people whose main purpose through their clothes is to provoke lust or lustful thoughts but that still does not give any right to talk them down or insult them as Christians.

Those people might still be babies in their walk with Christ. They might not have grown enough to realize their mistakes.

That is why we are brothers and sisters in Christ to help each other out. 

Titus 2:1-4 talks about older men and women teaching the younger ones. I understand the older people there does not necessarily mean in age but also spiritually.

I hope we learn to look at our hearts and the hearts of others than just the outfit they have on. 

1 Peter 3:3-4 tells us not to neglect our spiritual lives because of fashion or starve our inner man because of it.

So what are you wearing? And why do you wear it?

Your value is not the clothes or jewelry or amount of makeup you put on, it’s all in Christ and Him alone.

Learn to watch out, the devil is looking for new ways to us distract daily. Don’t be a victim!

Outfit Details

Top – Givors

Skirt – Gifted

Earrings – Dorothy Perkins

Heels – Joan David

Much Love💓


16 thoughts on “What are you wearing?

  1. Its the whole thing of trying to seek our own salvation, meanwhile salvation cannot be earned. I pray for myself too that I may remember that it is by grace, but by any legalistic means on my part, that I am saved. Thanks for sharing! 😘👌

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