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June Life Updates 

Hey Hey Lovely People! 

Happy New Month!! 

I’m sure you must have missed my Life Updates because I think I skipped a month or two.

I’m quite sad that June has gone by so quickly. It was such a great month! But I’m still extra excited to finally enter the second half of this year.

June was full of Praise. Praising God came uniquely from all sides for me.

There was the #OneHourPraiseChallenge with Nathaniel Bassey which ran through the whole month, then a six-hour praise program in my church and lastly the awesome Holy Ghost Party I went for that lasted in the hours between 30th of June and the 1st from 10pm to 5am in the morning. 

It was the greatest thing that topped off my Praise Month and ushered me into July with joy.


I’m currently…

Reading – Or have read two Karen Kingsbury books and a John Grisham book. Right now I’m short on books. But It’s okay. I think I’ll survive.

Listening to – He’s Here (Ga Shi Na) by Kingsley Innocent  a.k.a Kaestrings.

Extra encouraging and uplifting. I don’t know if there’s another version but I have Acoustic version and it’s great.

Eating – Everything and anything (except meat and other fleshy produce as you know, Remember my first post?) No time to be picky.

Working on – Building patience and learning to stop questioning God in each and every thing that happens…I just have to trust Him.

Admiring – Ifeoma‘s (@thesvnflwr) ability to get awesome stuff at such cheap prices. The babe is a Thrift Master! Check out her latest Tales from The Thrift stuff.

From WhoWhatFab

Feeling – Stressed out but trying to find joy in the little things.

Excited for – Those graduating from High school this year ’17. Congrats to each and every one of you!

Planning – My YouTube channel. I’ve got this on my mind since forever so I’ve decided to start working towards it early until I’ve got all the tools and materials; and I’m finally fully prepared to start it up.

Waiting for – Lots of Important things in my life. Also for the movie I’m in to come out already!

Praying for – My family and I. If y’all don’t mind putting us in your prayers from now on using Isaiah 50:7, I’ll be very grateful.
So that is what’s been up in my life for June.

I’m sure yours was way more eventful than mine. Be sure to update me in the comments.

Word of the day -Remember to….

Outfit Details ∆

Dress – Tailored

Choker – Fashion Jewelry

Shoes –  BESS

What’s been up in your life? Any plans for this new month and this second half of the year?

Much Love💓


11 thoughts on “June Life Updates 

  1. I’ve beeeeeeeeeeen looking for that gashina song. Couldn’t find it on YouTube or please where did you download it? Even the other songs like casting crowns and Onise Iyanu? Would appreciate😊

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