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Dealing with Disappointment × HAIR UPDATE

Hey Hey Lovely People!

I’m back again with another blog post for you guys. And it’s definitely been long awaited.

It’s been on my heart to share this for a while due to an experience or rather experiences in my life.

Disappointments happen to us a lot of times and it can be a really minor or major issue depending on the situation.

But no matter the situation or disappointment, it might be a really big problem for us if we are completely unable to deal with them or conduct ourselves the right way when it happens.

So here are some a few great tips/things to remember when you find yourself in a disappointing situation –

  • Just like time passes by, it will also pass too

Time literally waits for no one at all. You can’t have your past years like 2016 back, it’s gone. Certain situations in our life are just the same. Once they pass, another season in your life starts. 

You may be in a storm now, but it’s definitely going to get calm at some point. No matter how long it might last, it will still pass.

  • Your life is not over, it’s just starting out

We know how to just easily conclude when bad things happen to us that our life is completely over and we are never going to be happy again. 

But these setbacks and disappointments are really just here to show how imperfect we and the world in general are. Life will be full of ups and downs. It’s just the way we deal with it that matters.

God is the only one who is perfect and can promise us peace through those trying times, which brings me to the next one …

  • Go back to your creator

He’s knows everything. Quote me anywhere but I really don’t think there is really anything at all that you are going through He can’t help you with.

It’s like an example Breeny Lee gave in one of her videos (if you don’t know her just check her out here). 

You’ve maybe got a device that you don’t know how to use, let’s think simple maybe a Samsung phone, and it didn’t come with a manual, box, instructions, nothing. 

But you really need to find out how to use it and maybe there are two different mobile phone shops close to your house, one is for Apple phones and another is for Samsung phones. Which one will you go to?

Obviously the Samsung one, because they deal with that sort of stuff. You won’t go to the Apple shop and ask them how to use your Samsung phone, they’ll just look at you weird and maybe direct you to the nearest hospital or something.

That’s how we should be with God. He knows about us, I’m talking every single detail so we need to go to Him and ask for help when we need it.

  • Encourage yourself

Don’t just sit there and sulk about all the things going wrong in your life. Go out. Try new stuff. Explore. Meet new people. Download new music, encouraging music if I must say. Don’t go and be listening to depressing music when you are already depressed, you are not helping yourself.

Like I don’t get people who probably deal with a breakup in their life then go on to listen to a song talking about how they miss their ex and their hearts have been broken into a million pieces and all that. Help yourself please!

Go read something great like the Bible that has over a thousand promises for your future in it.

The things you take in tend to shape your feelings and thoughts. 

  • Live in the Now!

A lot of us are spending our time looking at the past and how it was so great that we start to store guilt, regret, bitterness and sadness in our spirit.

Or we are busy looking at our future and how you don’t know what will happen (Matt. 6:34) or how it will turn out that we get uneasy, anxious, tense, worried for nothing.

Be present in this moment right now because it’s the only thing you have.

This present moment is a gift!

So Yeah that’s it!

And I hope you learnt some stuff.

I just want to add some details about my hair because I have been more confident about wearing it out more often and I’m quite happy about that.

It’s almost 9 months of being natural since I started transitioning in August and I still have a lot to learn.

If you’ve got any tips or questions for me, please drop them in the comments below.

I would also love like if anyone can recommend a great leave-in conditioner because I really need one.

That’s it for now. 

See y’all in the next blog post!

Much Love💓


22 thoughts on “Dealing with Disappointment × HAIR UPDATE

  1. That waz a nice post. Loved it, but I wanna ask a question. For example ma friend and I fight almost everytime and then we make up but before we do, she would string me along an am completely tired of that kind of thing, what should i do? This question might nt be in line of this post but pls I need an ans

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol thanks for your comment Isaac.
      I think it would be really good if you both sit down and talk about it. She might be struggling with something she hasn’t told you about. Just don’t push it too much. Take your time.
      I really hope that helps!! Stay blessed.🌟🌟


  2. Nice post… Thanks for the advice. I also have a friend and we argue a lot and then settle but as at last year, she did something to me that I don’t like and I told her about it but she took it the wrong way and has refused to talk to me since then even when I tried making up with her on new year’s eve but she brushed me off and I decided to let her be ever since… Please I would like to know if I did the right thing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well some people are unable to accept correction sometimes. It’s great that you made an effort at reconciling with her. Be sure to not hold anything against her anymore and tell her that if necessary.
      It’s not wrong to let her be but don’t show resentment or anything towards her either.
      Still show her as much love as you can even if it’s from afar.
      Thanks so much for your comment Joy! Hope that helps you out!!🌟🌟


  3. “The things you take in tend to shape your feelings and thoughts” That is the whole truth!!! And some people don’t realise this. Every song we listen to or every movie we watch, it will shape you in some way. And by the way, your hair is gorgeous. And I would second Pearl on that leave-in. Aunt Jackies has some good products.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very true, in just a few minutes i have learnt a lot. Even though i hardly get moody, this has motivated me to be always patient with my Friends and family.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The kind of people we keep as friends and the kind of entertainment me enjoys has alot to do with our spiritual,physical and emotional well-being.Being as open minded as possible would help stay lively,and yes having a good friend would serve as a pillar in our dark times
    Thanks for the nice piece ,job well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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