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Dealing with Disappointment × HAIR UPDATE

Hey Hey Lovely People! I'm back again with another blog post for you guys. And it's definitely been long awaited. It's been on my heart to share this for a while due to an experience or rather experiences in my life. Disappointments happen to us a lot of times and it can be a really… Continue reading Dealing with Disappointment × HAIR UPDATE

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The Cramm Blog Award

Hey! Hey! Lovely People. Great news...I got nominated for another award. Ah! Thanks so so much Ashley for nominating me! Your blog really inspires me. So keep on blogging no matter what. Okay? Also be sure to check her blog out, you won't regret it. The Cramm Award was created by Liv, the owner of theCramm, an awesome blog, visit… Continue reading The Cramm Blog Award

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Realizing how Imperfect We all are

Currently Listening to - The Good,The Bad, The Ugly by Lecrae. Hey all my beautiful people. Handsome too. Thanks to all of you guys who take time out to read my posts. I'm on another Inspiration post totally inspired by a couple of songs and a short rant by me on my Whatsapp story. Imperfection...… Continue reading Realizing how Imperfect We all are

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The Versatile Blogger Award × New Blog Schedule

Happy New Month, beautiful people! Before anything let's just reminisce on how the first half of the year went for us. It wasn't easy seriously😥. Thank God for grace. I have been blogging on here for quite a while and I'm so happy to announce that I just got nominated for an award - The… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award × New Blog Schedule