The Do Better Manual for Christians

I’ve been a little MIA from here. I apologize but if you follow me Instagram, you definitely have been seeing more of me there. This is actually a sequel or spin-off (too much Netflix) of this post on IG. So if you haven’t read it, do that and come back. We’ll wait I promise.😬 Well … Continue reading The Do Better Manual for Christians

September Life Updates

Estimated Reading Time - 3 minutes. Hey Lovely People,It's still quite surreal to me that we are already in October.Like 2020 has three months left, just like that after all the crazy happenings. I mean I know a lot of us expected different at this point in our lives. Maybe you expected to have graduated, … Continue reading September Life Updates

How I made money online in a Pandemic

Being young or a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t make money from the God given skills and abilities you have inside of you. In one of her posts, @voiceofhadassah talked about this and after I read it I got inspired to share my own personal experience. So here are some ways I have made money … Continue reading How I made money online in a Pandemic