15 Random Facts About Me

Hey guys. How's your February going? Are you feeling the after effects of Valentine yet? Realizing that the money you used to buy recharge card for that your girlfriend/boyfriend, you should have used for breakfast this morning? Eyaa, Anyways... This is my first post and I'm extra extra excited, you too, right? Right? Smile na,… Continue reading 15 Random Facts About Me

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Styling The Daddy Sweatpants

Hey Hey Lovely People! Welcome to another outfit post here on the blog. They are coming frequently these days right? I really loved how this outfit came about because these sweatpants were actually abandoned by my mum when my dad gave them to her. It was only until later she was packing up her clothes… Continue reading Styling The Daddy Sweatpants

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Reasons why Your Friendship is Not Working Out

Moving around everyday, I realize how different we all are as humans. In our personality, lifestyle, looks, likes and dislikes we are so different. I wonder how it would have been if we all looked the same or liked the same stuff...creepy. But this differences are the things that make us unique and special. These… Continue reading Reasons why Your Friendship is Not Working Out

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Summertime Ankara Bell Sleeves

Currently Listening - You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile Ă— Sia I don't really do outfit posts much on this blog without pairing it with a poem like here or an inspirational post like here but I really had to get this outfit out and up here. I really love it! It was tailored by a very special… Continue reading Summertime Ankara Bell Sleeves

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I Don’t Live Like A Queen

Currently Listening to - Make Me Believe Ă— Joseph Solomon I don't live like a queen But don't get it twisted I'm still a Queen Or at least a daughter of a King I don't live like a queen I'm not waited on I'm not served Let's just say I'm reserved And perfectly able to… Continue reading I Don’t Live Like A Queen

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Young & Fearless | Upcoming Singer + His New Song Lyrics 

Hey Hey Lovely People! Summer is rushing by so quickly, don't you think? But I'm so very excited for this new series I'm starting right here on the blog. This is going to be the very first of the Young and Fearless. In the series, I'll be featuring young people who are pushing past the… Continue reading Young & Fearless | Upcoming Singer + His New Song Lyrics 

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Be Intentional With Your Music + My Playlists (1)

Currently Listening - Travis Greene Ă— Intentional  If you know me personally or even on social media, you should know how much I love music, even downloading music gets me on some type of high and gives me joy. Little back story, when I re-dedicated my life to Christ in the beginning of 2016, I… Continue reading Be Intentional With Your Music + My Playlists (1)