How I made money online in a Pandemic

Being young or a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t make money from the God given skills and abilities you have inside of you. In one of her posts, @voiceofhadassah talked about this and after I read it I got inspired to share my own personal experience. So here are some ways I have made money … Continue reading How I made money online in a Pandemic

Sunday Playlist with NaturalwithProgress

Hey Lovely People!I’m bringing you some music vibes in this Sunday Playlist Collab with @progress_xoxo.We picked all our favorite songs and put them in one playlist for you so you can update yours. If you need the full Audiomack playlist just click here and listen in. Don’t forget to check @progress_xoxo for more songs from … Continue reading Sunday Playlist with NaturalwithProgress

August Life Updates

I said "Will I be able to do this?",He said "Yes,because I’m here"With you…. Hey Lovely People,I’m so happy I'm finally writing this, This consistency life can be a struggle for reals. So it’s a new month so I was supposed to do a Life Update for August but I’m still trying to get back … Continue reading August Life Updates